5 smart reasons you should be using Facetime

FaceTime is hands down the best application to choose for video as well as audio calls for all the Apple users. While the Apple users really enjoy using the application, those who don’t own apple devices dread having one. Recently some tricks have been discovered to run Facetime for PC. FaceTime has been in the place for around 5 years now and we do have reasons enough to call it the best for at least the iOS users for they would find nothing better than the best. If you have been wondering what makesFaceTime everyone’s favourite, here are 5 reasons that make it the best of the best!


5 Best Features of FaceTime Video Calling App

  1. Aspect Ratio

For starters, let us talk about what we actually see on our phone or desktop screens. FaceTime offers a ration which enables us to get more of a person, portrait that is instead of the regular landscape ratio which enables us to see more of the surroundings than the person. The entire look and feel is definitely better in here for it gives us a closer feel to the person we are chatting with.

  1. Contact syncing

FaceTime makes syncing your contacts very easy because of the fact that it syncs your emails, and if in case that is not done, it always has an option to sync in the contacts, which you of course have. Any way, what happens is the process becomes super easy, thereby making it super simple to chat over with anyone. Chances are you obviously have their emails and if you have it up, you shouldn’t be having any issue with syncing them to your app.

  1. Compatibility

A feature which could make people love as well as reckon the application for the only reason that the application works well with Apple devices, for it functions on apple devices only. While the clarity and quality we get is far better and beyond comparison to what we see on similar applications on other platforms, the fact is that it is limited to Apple users only.

  1. Background functioning

never miss calls or any such notification with the use of the application for the fact that it lets you receive the notification and thereby avoids anything being missed out. Even when you receive a call, you will get a notification about it and having gotten it, you’ll have an option to decline the call. You can revert very easily and it ensures that you remain updated with all the latest messages and calls.

  1. User Interface

The last but of course and definitely not the least, the user interface for this application is what we haven’t seen in many. It is super smooth, super easy to work with, and at the same time, it does not have too many settings etc to e changed. So basically it is more or less an almost ready app where once it is synced, you’re pretty much sorted with calls.