Best 5 Pressure Washers for home

Advancement in science and technology has helped our life to become easier from being hectic; the discovery of advanced machines always helps us to save more time for our family and friends. Most of us save the Sunday’s and weekend off to rinse away dirt away from our cars and bikes in order to get the charm for the next whole week of the ride. Sometimes the cleaning process count for the whole day and we are tired and exhausted as any office day at the end, Pressure Washers available for cars and bikes can help you better to get rid of dirt away within minutes. The machine helps you by exerting water with pressure; you can easily use the nozzle towards the dirt prone area and get a cleaner car or bike within few minutes. Save more time with family and friends this weekend as we have compiled the list of best 5 Pressure Washers available in market exclusively for you.

  1. Titan TTB669PRW Pressure Washer

The wheel enabled machine guarded with a hose that can be better used to clean up the car within few minutes is a smart choice, the Titan powered pressure washer for car and bikes contains 130 bars ideal for the cleaning process. Some users may doubt pressure to harm their car color, well Titan assures such claims are just myth. Nozzles available along the machine are interchangeable, Titan TTB machine is best for patio related jobs along with car cleaning process.

  1. Vonhaus Compact High-Pressure Washer

The no frills come up with 105 bars and available as the cheapest pressure machine on our list, the machine will let you free from the odd car cleaning job within few minutes and you can sip cold drink happily in your spare time. The Hose and cable are combined with 5m flexible wire with an easy access to tight reaching areas. For a better command over the High-Pressure Washer always read the instruction in advance and stays happy.

  1. Vax Powerwash 2500 Complete P86- P4-T

In case you want to manage both small and large scale of pressure in a row then this Vax Powerwash is your right companion. The most powerful Vax company product comes with 160 bars with a promise to clean dirt away from your dearest bike or car. The hose is 10m long, better handle it with care as you need to reel it back.

  1. Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus

Offering maximum pressure 150 bars, this pressure washer boasts to clean everything with decent manageable water pressure with right attachment and setting. Delicate patio cleaning is no big challenge for the Karcher K5 Premium, for better control LED Lights are fixed in the handle.

01 Nilfisk Compact 110 Home & Car Pressure Washer

Machines should be small yet powerful in order to fit in any household, Nilfisk fulfilling the same need counts Compact 110 as the best available Washer Pressure in our list. One of the cheapest models exerts pressure with five cleaning accessories and three nozzles options.