Best Planer for the year 2019

Wood planer is a tool which is available in the market for cutting wood into different thickness. A large number of companies are coming with their own wood planer and with this, it become quite difficult to select which one to buy if you are looking for one. Here is a brief description of some of the best wood planer which are available in the market.

  1. Dewalt DW680K 7 Amp 3-1/4 Inch: This one is the best portable wood planer which is available in the market. This is not the only good point about this wood plane. Just like other Dewalt planer, you will get 3-year warranty over this plus one-year free service.  This one is also coming with 90 days cash back. The machine runs at a power of 840 watts. Like other Dewalt products, this one also coming with high price.
  2. Porter Cable PC60THP: So, if Dewalt DW680K is out of your budget than the second best option for you is Portable Cable PC60THP. If we compare the price, there is a huge difference. But, if we compare the depth of the inches, there is only difference of 1/64 inch. You will not find the depth adjustment mechanism that much high tech in this. This one is also coming with a 3-year warranty and at the same time, the planer is affordable.
  3. Delta Power Tools 22-555:This one is coming with a good price and at the same time there is no compromise with the features. The design of the tool consist of 4 columns which make the planer tough and at the same time reduces the vibration which also reduces the sound while working of the tool. The speed of the tool is 18,800 RPM. The cutter system is dual edge which is easy to disposable and also easy to swap.
  4. Makita KP0810: This one is another best option for the portable planer. This is coming with the dual blade on the cutter edge. So, it can be used easily fort the hard materials. This one will provide you a 1-year warranty. Also, in case you do not like the product, there is 30 days money back option. But, you will provide the case of this planer quite hard and also there would not be any dust collected in the planer. Also, as per the people review, there are some issue in the drift and also cutting is uneven.