Cordless Drill Vs Impact Drill – Which one is better?

There are several drill options in the market and with this came the cordless and the impact drill. Both the drill are used for performing the same kind of job but in completely differently manner and here we are going to provide a better answer for the question that out of Impact and cordless drill which option if better for the user. Or in which situation you can make use of which option.

So, If we talk about the cordless drill, then simply it is a drill which is powered by the battery. This is used specifically for making holes in the wall or some other material fast also they can be used as a fastener driver for the screws, nuts and small bolts. The drill varies from 8 V to 60 V. the most common cordless drills are coming with 12 V and 18 V battery. More the battery of the drill, heavier can be the job over which the toll can be used. There is an initial provided which needs to e provided to the drill and after it reaches the specific tongue, it disengage the drive train. This will save the battery.

And, the Impact drill is one which is not commonly opted by the professionals and the homeowners. These are high torque value tools which provide high amount of pressure and stress on the surface where they have been used and mainly used for driving screws and tightening nuts. The size of these tools is less than the drill driver and therefore they are lighter and smaller than that. These are not very common in use but still can be used for many purposes. The main reason to make use of the impact drill is that, they provide high value of the torque and thus can be used to do the work quickly.

For both Cordless and impact drill, there are several options which are available in the market and you can make use of any one of them as per your need. The choice between two is specifically depends on the need and the kind of work you want to take from the tool. Before going for any one of then make a good research so that you can find the best one out of several other options which are available in the market.