GTA 6: 5 Amazing & Mind Blowing things You Might Be Not Aware Of At All

We are coming closer to the end of the year 2016 and with each passing day, big companies are busy inventing and announcing things that would give them good business in the remaining time of the year. Well, talking about exciting things, Rockstar Games is the company that can make big announcements in the coming days as they are almost ready to announce the successor of the GTA 5, i.e. GTA 6.


Rockstar Games is the company that is known for its GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series. The first ever GTA was launched in the year 1999 and since that they, the company have never looked back. Each of the game titles in the GTA series have been counted as one of the best games of its time but GTA 5 broke all the records as far as gaming is concerned. On the first day of its launch, GTA 5 earned revenue of more than 700 Million dollars and it crossed a billion dollar mark in the first 3 days. Well, reading about the achievements made by GTA 5, GTA 6 has a lot of work cut out for it to do.

Let’s look at 5 things that will amaze you in GTA 6!

  1. Female Character

We have been playing GTA Games since years and to be honest it was kind of obvious to get a male character that can walk and talk as we command it to. Well, this time Rockstar Games is targeting a whole new set of fans by introducing a Female character. Rockstar Games have a lot of female fan following and this will just mean that they can also enjoy the GTA 6.

  1. Worldwide Maps

GTA 6 will have a map in which you will be able to fly to real places which means that it won’t be restricted like the one in the GTA 5. This is a huge thing for a GTA game as worldwide maps will give a new feel to the game.

  1. Licensed Cars

In GTA 5, Rockstar Games did their best to make the real life like cars and put it into the game and without a doubt it wasn’t bad at all. But in terms of improvement, Rockstar Games had to include licensed cars in GTA 6 to make it even better than the GTA 5.

  1. VR Support

We know that VR is future and Rockstar Games agree on the point and that is why the epic GTA 6 will have the Virtual Reality Support so that you can easily put on the pair of VR set and then enjoy the game in real life like environment.

  1. Release Date

The Rockstar Games might announce the GTA 6 in the 3 quarter of the current financial year. Which means that the game will not be out in the year 2016 and therefore we can expect that they unveil the game in the year 2017, Only time will tell! also check thr latest news of gta 7