LG V30 is going to be Launched at IFA 2017, Berlin

LG V30 to launch at IFA 2017

The South Korean tech giant has already offered us two flagship smartphones touted to come with the V series. Now we are heading closer to the much-anticipated smartphone’s release date, the LG V30. With the latest buzz, envision tend to come to a closure in reporting that the flagship device is going to get released at the IFA Berlin.

Going with the facts, we have already witnessed LG V series smartphones, the V10 and V20 was announced in the years 2015 and 2016 respectively. Nothing unlike the prior two years, 2017 will also witness the unveiling of yet another V series flagship in the count. Specification wise, we are going to present some of the key specs of LG V30 in this article, so read on viewers.

LG V30 going to launch shortly

LG V30 Key Specs: The much-anticipated wishlist feature has been revealed to make it in the market. Users can not get their hands on the upcoming LG V30 which is going to sport the OLED technology. By that we mean, LG V30 will be unveiling with the AMOLED display feature, which is by far the finest technology that has been popular in consumption of lower power as well as the high contrast in black & white. Apart from that, LG V30 is going to get unveiled with the latest Snapdragon 835 SoC and would be paired with 6 GB RAM.

LG V30 Release Date: According to the new report from a South Korean news website, we have gathered the upcoming flagship of LG, LG V30 is going to get unveiled by the tech conglomerate at the IFA to be held in Berlin. If at all this rumor turns out to be valid, then V series fans will witness the first ever LG V series flagship to get rolled out at the IFA, 2017. As per rivalry, we have already few speculations about the upcoming Note 8 to get unveiled in the last week of August. Well for more news we have to keep a close check on every speculated rumor that is going to come shortly.

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Wrap Up

LG V30 has long been cultured in the tech industry, precisely since the flagship went into the developmental process. Now that LG V30 release date has been almost speculated and we already know when the flagship device is getting to be introduced to the common fans let’s wait for the official announcement that LG developers are going to make anytime shortly. Till then, we are in the urge of knowing more about LG V30 latest rumors.