Samsung Galaxy S8: the upcoming masterpiece from Samsung and its specs.

If you thought Samsung S7 and S7 Edge were the best phones you could have chanced upon, then you have not yet heard about the Galaxy S8 Samsung is launching in April 2017. This fresh model is an amazingly fresh look at the potential of Android technology and a perfect answer to Apple’s continually upgrading camera technology which is responsible for maximum buyer conversions.


For the shutterbugs

The new Samsung model will feature a dual-lens 30 MP camera as well as a 15 MP front camera. The rear camera will also feature multiple settings which can control the light, sharpness, brightness and the usual plethora of options one sees in a DSLR. In addition to the same, one can expect facial recognition, image stabilization, image sharing and so much more with the Samsung flagship product. In fact, considering all the options and specs of the camera offered by Samsung S8 one might even say that the camera can be comparable to any contemporary DSLR models.

A magnificent display

While considering cameras and photo qualities one simply should not forget the display of a phone. S8 and S8 edge will be among the most recent Samsung innovations which have sworn to the curved, edgeless display school. Now in addition to the extra large, seamless display you can enjoy a 4K UHD experience engineered by the experts at Samsung. This is a much evolved form of the OLED display we are used to seeing in the Samsung phones. The new 5.5 inch display, with a slightly higher than 830 ppi density, will make the display comparable to a Sony Xperia Premium model with nothing less than a Bravia display. same quality Display also use in Galaxy Note 7 .

It’s all about space and speed

Samsung is going to make the S8 and S8 Edge its major comeback strategy of 2017. These are nothing less than concept phones considering their magnanimous processors. Propositions suggest that the new models will launch with Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processors clocking a speed of 3.2 GHz. Now our research also suggests that, Samsung will decide between a 4 GB and a 6 GB RAM to go with this processor. Considering the fact that the new model will sport a 64 GB expandable internal memory with a support for 128 GB MicroSD card, we would really love if Samsung went with the 6 GB RAM. This would make the processing speed much higher and the process much smoother.

Stocking up the power

Now it’s time to face the facts. With such a huge display of such high resolution it is expected that the power will drain in lighting speed. The trick is to create a larger battery capacity with a faster charging option. We are hearing rumors regarding a fast-charging 4000 mAh battery with wireless chargers. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge will also feature something like fast charging options which will enable the users to reduce the processor functions and charge their phones faster using wireless, mobile chargers.