Types of Muffin Pans – Which Material is Best?

Muffin is very versatile, you can make them sweet or savoury based on preference. Muffin is a perfect breakfast on weekday mornings, muffins are being baked in batches and be easily stored to munch on later. However, one tough decision you need to make before start baking muffin’s apart from recipe and baking time is which muffin pan to use to bake the best muffin possible.

Aluminium, steel, non – stick, heavy gauge, dark, light, carbon steel etc are just a few terms used to describe muffin pan, then how to decide which one to buy, pretty confusing right, this guide will help you make that decision by breaking down different types of pan available in Market.

Types of Muffin Pans:

As muffin pan just like any other cookware is made up of a variety of materials.

1.Aluminium: The most common muffin pan material, they are light. Aluminium pans are a good conductor of heat which evenly distributes the heat from the pan to muffins. The end rest of using aluminium pan is perfectly cooked muffins. Aluminium pans do not rust and are resistant to most form of corrosion, which makes it durable and long lasting. However, they lack in strength.

2.Stainless steel: The con of aluminium pan is rectified here with stainless steel, they are much stronger and has a high Resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel I much easier to clean especially the ones with non-stick coating. However stainless steel pan is a little slow in conducting heat, so your muffin may not cook as fast as an aluminium pan.

3.Carbon Steel Muffin Pans: an alloy of steel and carbon, heats rapidly which makes it perfect for a wok. This pan is light and strongest of all. However maintains takes effort, who need to clean, dry and coat it with oil before storing to prevent from rusting.

4.Non- stick pans: As the name suggests these pans have a coating layer, both aluminium and steel pans come with these coating. This coating helps the pan from corrosion and food sticking to the pan. The best part of these pans is they are super easy to clean afterwards. While baking muffin in these pans you can skip paper cup/ liners and also reduce oil, fat, grease to avoid food sticking to the pan. To preserve the coating its important to not use a metal utensil on it unless it says to the package that it is safe to use so.

5.Silicon Muffin Pan: A popular choice among bakers, as it is easy to pop the muffin out of the mould. This is made possible because you can twist and turn the pan. Using these kinds of pans can limit the highest temperature you can use while baking, it is limited to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are somebody who decides to make muffins on the spur of moment and bake them in a microwave, then silicon pans are perfect.

Further, the colour of the pan will have an effect on the colour of the muffin, so prefer a light colour if you do not like browning on the bottom. Pick a muffin pan that is thick and sturdy that distributes heat evenly and also one that is easy to clean like non-stick pans.