Vikings Season 5 Wiki: All You Need to Know About the Coming Series

Vikings Season 5 wiki

Vikings Season 5 has finally got the release date. The spoilers too are coming almost every now and then, and we can feel the excitement of the fans after the crucial and dramatic end of the fourth season. The death of Ragnar, the avenge of his sons, the killing of Sigurd, the breakthrough of Bishop Heahmund, the power of Lagertha all have created quite an intense atmosphere. So before the show appears let’s dig into the Vikings Season 5 Wiki to get all the details of the coming season in a nutshell.


Vikings‘new run will get most of the old characters who are not dead, including Floki. But this new series has some new faces too, like Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors) as Bishop Heahmund joining the series.

A few days back the actress Katheryn Winnick who plays Lagertha on the screen posted a pic on Instagram to confirm two of her brother will be part of the coming season. But whether it will be a cameo or a new serious character we don’t know yet.

Apart from the new entries the old team of Gustaf Skarsgård, Alexander Ludwig and Alex Høgh Andersen, Katheryn Winnick will also be seen.


The trailer of Vikings 5 has released, and the atmosphere that has been created is one of most intense among all the seasons. The characters are seemed all sorted out to make the next move, and all their desires and ambitions are being loggerheaded to each other, creating an atmosphere of civil war. Floki’s discovering a new island; probably Iceland and Bjorn Iron side in North African landscapes is also quite fascinating. Wait to see what more is yet to unfold.

 Before the trailer, the teaser too was released, and that actually hinted the possible plot of the coming tale.

Release Date

The coming series of the Vikings will appear on Wednesday, Nov. 29 with a two-hour premiere. There was a long wait after the fourth season ended with success. But the month was quite speculated as the previous seasons too came at the same time of the year.

Last Words

As the plot is yet unknown, we have a number of rumors doing the rounds, There could be more Vikings Season 5 wiki revelations as we build up to the grand premiere of the show. Some of the rumors include Lagertha, Ubbe’s plot against Iver and joining Lagertha, Heahmund and Iver’s face off. Now it will be interesting to see what will ultimately unfold when the series will start.