Xbox 2 Rumors: History can be a Good Pointer To The Xbox 2 Price

Rumors of Xbox 2

Of all the big and dashing gaming consoles that are on the way, there is perhaps not one that is bigger than the Xbox 2. said to be Microsoft’s next and best gaming console so far. There have been many reports and rumor mills are running over time as to what the new console might contain. We have made a compilation of the topmost and most demanded Xbox 2 rumors in the present time.

Xbox 2 Rumors: Here is What We Know

Over the last few years, we have been bombarded with a lot of questions about when the Xbox 2 will release and how much it will cost. Now, we have previously tackled the dicey question of the release date issue, for it is more than likely that the new Xbox 2 release date will be sometime in 2020 or even before that. That leaves us with one question: how much will the console cost and what will be its price tag. For this issue, we have taken the help of two criteria: one being the factor of historical precedent and another being the factor of the increasing availability of modern technology, which is the driving force behind the advancements of most similar modern gadgets. do not forget to check the best deals for Nintendo Switch Black Friday 

If we look at the history of the Xbox, the first one released in 2001 and was retailed for a then-princely sum of $299. It was very popular and was followed as the benchmark by many rivals including the Sony PlayStation. After 2001, the gaming sector was a lull for some time until the month of November in 2005. This 2005 release was the best seller as far as Microsoft Xbox series is concerned. For, it was in that year the Xbox 360 was released to widespread acclaim and appreciation.

Rumors of XBox 2

XBox 2 rumors

Jump to November 2013, and we shall see that the Xbox One was released for $499. It was not, however, the grand box office success that Microsoft thought it would be. However, once in November 2013, the Xbox One S was released to widespread critical and commercial success. The One S was available for $399

Now that we know that the Xbox One X is coming in November 2017, with at least two variants between the price range of $599 and $699, and coupled with the fact that Sony traditionally maintains a very tight time schedule, we can safely find a price tag for the upcoming Xbox 2. We believe and we state that the new console will come for $599 and will release ~2020.

Wrap up

In the end, only time will decide whether all the Xbox 2 rumors are proven to be true or not. Till then, tell us when you would like to see the Xbox 2 release.