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Cops dating nurses Looking Sex

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Cops dating nurses

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Cops dating nurses I Looking Real Sex Dating

Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. My boyfriend is a police officer, and works with a lot of cops who are married to nurses; his best friend is also site preview online officer cops dating nurses his wife is a nurse and a friend of mine's parents are also a cop and a nurse.

Does this seem to happen a lot cops dating nurses Just thought tranny serbia was interesting I think that nursing and law enforcement are two very noble, but non-respected, shat upon professions, and we're probably drawn to each other for that reason.

KC's hubby is a cop Also, police officers and nurses both see the ugly side of life. Helps to have ckps SO who can relate.

Cops dating nurses Wants Man

We DO have a lot in common to talk about fetish woman korea far as our jobs clps concerned. And for the most part, he's not disgusted by some of the things that I see and do at work. Which is saying a lot, since I used to work in surgery. He gets cops dating nurses fair share of DOA's.

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On my shift, there are 2 other nurses that are married to cops. At my hubbies dept, there are at least other cops that are married to nurses. Another thing, both professions have 'shift work' hours. cops dating nurses

We actually just started working the exact same hours. Fri, Sat, and Sun from 7P-7A. It's been great for us.

You have to if you work in cops dating nurses field I think it's a 'try to stay sane' thing. Nueses it's not just the officers that nurses are attracted to Oh my!! I probably would have never met him had I not worked shifts in the hospital.

We do have the same demented cops dating nurses of humor as Anne said and we both thoroughly understand the demands of each others job. Since our kids are older now we sometimes work the same shifts and see each other in action.

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It's great cops dating nurses you call for help in the ER to the local police for a pt gone crazy and your husband comes to save you. The only bad part about being married to cops dating nurses cop is you never stop worrying and since he primarily works steady nights, my heart stops with every late night phone call!!

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You folks are so brave!!! I'd never be able cops dating nurses sleep at night knowing my husband was out there in possible harms way! I'm bad enough with DH's current job!

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He works third shift as a cell tech for Prime-Co and is often times sent to some unsavory neighborhoods in Chicago However, I am currently going to school to be a nurse and my husband is in the military and he will be getting out soon to go into the highway patrol. Who else would know the type cops dating nurses daily crap and stress we go cops dating nurses Very few that arent cops,fireman,paramedics and other Datiing personnel.

Married to not a cop but cops dating nurses forgien Intelligence OfficerCIAand he understands what Cips go through and the fact that I cant really speak about it too much And he understands how I have to go when the phone rings,pager goes offor Im in late because tumblr hot horny girls case ran long Others would just think there was fooling around going on God love the people that devotedly do thier jobs for shabby pay and never once get a thank you, for a job well done unless its by another person that understands what they do cops dating nurses a living.

General Nursing.

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Why Cops Suck at Marriage: The Top 3 Reasons - The Salty Sarge

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I Seeking Man Cops dating nurses

I am married to a cop and have been for 20yrs. I met him while working in the ER.

We both work cops dating nurses, weekends and shifts so we understand how that is. We are also both pretty laid back and don't get too rattled in emergencies. Aug 28, by Hooligan. Aug 28, by Momto2Boys. Aug 28, by Cathy Wilson, RN.

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