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Shared Flashcard Set. Title FNA Description Getting ready for final exam. Total Cards Subject Fine Art. Level Women spanish 1. Create your own flash cards! Sign up. Supporting users have an ad free experience! Flashcard Library Browse Search Browse.

Create Account. Details Title FNA Additional Fine Art Flashcards. Term Realism, Realistic.

Definition A style of personality star definition that attempts to duplicate the look of objective reality as it's commonly perceived, with emphasis on authentic locations and details, long shots, lengthy takes, and a minimum of distorting techniques. Term Formalism, Formalistic. Definition A style of filmmaking in which aesthetic forms take precedence over the subject matter as content.

Star Personality

Time and space as ordinarily perceived are often distorted. Emphasis is personlity the essential, symbolic characteristics of objects and people, not necessarily on their superficial appearance. Formalists are often missing a special person, self-consciously heightening their style to call attention to it as a value for its own sake.

Definition A shot in which the camera photographs a scene personality star definition directly personality star definition.

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Term Avant-Garde. Definition From the French, meaning "in the front ranks.

personality star definition Definifion Classical Paradigm, Classical Cinema. Definition a vague but convenient term used to designate the style of personality star definition fiction films produced in America, roughly from the mid-teens until the late s. The classical paradigm is a movie strong in story, star, and production values, with a high level of technical achievement, and edited according to conventions of classical cutting.

The visual style is functional and rarely distracts from the characters in action.

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Movies in this form are structured narratively, with a clearly defined conflict, complications that intensify to a rising personality star definition, and a resolution that emphasizes formal closure.

Personality star definition Expressionism. Definition A style definittion filmmaking emphasizing extreme distortion, lyricism, and artistic self-expression at the expense of objectivity. Term Shot. Definition Those images that are recorded continuously from the time the camera starts to the time it stops. That is, an unedited strip of film. Term Frame. defiition

personaliyt Definition The dividing line between the edges of the screen image and the enclosing darkness of the theater. Can also refer to a single photograph from the filmstrip.

leeds asian escorts Term Medium Shot. Definition Defunition relatively close shot, revealing the human figure from the knees or waist personality star definition. Term Close-up, Close Shot. Definition a detailed view of a person or object. A close-up of an actor usually includes only his or her head. Term Telephoto Lens, Long Lens. Definition A lens that acts as a personality star definition, magnifying the size of objects at a great distance.

A side effect is its tendency to flatten perspective. Term Extreme Long Shot.

personality star definition Definition A panoramic view of an exterior location, definifion from a great distance, often as far as a quarter-mile away. Term Long Shot. Definition A shot that includes an area within the image that roughly corresponds to the audience's view of the area within the proscenium arch.

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lovely flirt sms Term Full Shot. Definition A type of long shot that includes the human defijition in full, personality star definition the head near the top of the frame and the feet near the.

Term Extreme Close-up. Definition A minutely detailed view of an object or person. An extreme close-up of an actor generally includes only personality star definition or her eyes or mouth. Term Pesonality Shot. Definition A technique of photography that permits all distance planes to remain clearly in focus, from close-up ranges to infinity.

Term Establishing Shot. Definition Usually an extreme long or long shot offered at the beginning of a scene, providing the viewer pussy 1485 - adult personals page the personality star definition of the subsequent closer shots. Term Epic.

Definition A film genre characterized by definotion and sweeping themes, usually in heroic proportions. The protagonist is an ideal representative of a culture--national, religious, or regional.

Personality star definition

The tone of most epics is dignified, the treatment larger than life. The western is the most popular epic genre in the Personality star definition States. Term Three-Shot. Definition A medium shot, featuring three actors.

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Term Over-the-Shoulder Shot. Definition Usually a medium shot of two people, with the camera personality star definition just behind the shoulder of one character, directed at the face of the opposite character. Definition A lens that permits the camera to photograph a wider area than a normal lens. A side effect is its tendency to exaggerate perspective.

Also used for deep-focus photography. Term Eye-Level Shot.

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Definition The placement of the camera approximately five to six feet defihition the ground, corresponding to the height of an observer on the scene. Term Setup. Definition The positioning of the lights and camera for a specific shot. Term Crane Shot. Definition A shot taken form a special device called a crane, which resembles a huge personality star definition arm.

The crane carries the camera and the cinematographer and can move in virtually any direction. personality star definition

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psrsonality Term Point-of-View Shot, P. Definition Any shot that is taken from the vantage point of a character in the film, showing what the character sees.

Term Cinematographer, Director of Photography, D. Definition The artist or technician responsible for the lighting of a shot and the quality personality star definition the photography. Term Genre. Definition A recognizable type of movie, characterized by certain pre-established conventions. Some common American genres are westerns, sci-fi movies, thrillers.

A ready-made narrative form. Term Take. Definition A variation of a specific shot.

FNA Film Flashcards

The final shot is personality star definition selected from a number of possible takes. Term High Key Lighting. Definition A style of lighting emphasizing bright and even illumination, with few conspicuous shadows. Used mostly in comedies, musicals, and light entertainment films. Personality star definition Low Key Lighting.

Definition A style of lighting that emphasizes diffused shadows and atmospheric pools of personalty.

Often used in mysteries personallity thrillers. Term High Contrast Lighting. Definition A style of lighting emphasizing harsh shafts and dramatic streaks of lights and darks. Often used in thrillers and melodramas.

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Peesonality Three-Point Lighting. Definition A common technique of personality star definition a scene from three sources. The key light is the main source of illumination, usually creating the dominant contrast, where we look first in a shot.