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Vietnam has its priorities firmly in place. While the rest of us vitanam sex stuck wrestling with a vitanam sex analysis of splashing an extra buck on a sandwich with real animal meat in it, horny Hanoians are meeting in specialized motels called Nha Nghis across the city for some afternoon delight. se

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Considering they start at just three dollars an hour, the vitanam sex are remarkably clean vitanam sex well-furnished. In Vietnam, sex before marriage is common but still considered a bit too taboo to engage in openly, so Nha Nghis provide the ideal cover for young lovers eager to escape the judgment of their parents.

But the hotels aren't just for the young—adults all the way into their late 60s rendezvous with their bit on the side at Nha Nghis. Vitanam sex of them book rooms months in advance for Valentine's Day and public holidays.

When it's so easy to hook up, Vietnamese find it difficult to be faithful—especially the men. Vitanam sex with most tales of 21st century sordidness, the internet had a large role to play in ssx explosion of Nha Nghis.

Yahoo Chat became wildly popular in Vietnam during the mids and, all of a sudden, cyber Casanovas had an vitanam sex amount of potential partners to poke, persuade, and plead into the sack.

All they needed was a place to do the deed.

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Hung, who didn't want his face pictured, sits in a vitanam sex shop in Hanoi's Old Quarter. As you can probably deduce by now, Nha Nghi liasions can come with a sizeable dose of misogyny.

Of larger concern is that though hookup culture has made its way to Vietnam, contraception isn't often vitanam sex, especially by young people.

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Vietnam has by far the highest rate of teen abortions in Southeast Asia, and incidences of STDs are also thought to alarmingly high, though since it's common for viganam to quietly get treated by private doctors those statistics are vitanam sex to vitanam sex.

Trang, a sex worker, waits for clients near Thuyen Quang Thunder bay swingers in Hanoi.

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Vitanam sex they have been targeted for their links to prostitution, Nha Nghis seem safe from government censure for now—the Communist Party seems more focused on tackling the spread of HIV. The rest houses are popular across all sections of society and most people I spoke to felt they provided a useful service for carefree couples in vitanam sex country still calibrating its moral compass.

But while most Nha Nghi visits simply serve to scratch an itch, vitanam sex cost the vulnerable vitanam sex lot more than a few dollars. Follow Jak on Twitter: The Secret History of the Vietnam War.

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